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Manuscripts (documents)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 30 Collections and/or Records:

Abe Hoffman papers

Identifier: C MSS WH1950
Scope and Contents

Includes manuscripts written by Hoffman about mining history and Cripple Creek (Colo.), correspondence from publishers, handwritten notes, source materials and photographs of mining areas and abandoned mines presumably in the Cripple Creek area.

Dates: 1944-1987

Alfred M. Bailey papers

Identifier: C MSS CONS7
Scope and Contents

Notes, drafts and galley proofs for "Birds of Colorado" and "Pictorial Checklist of Colorado Birds".

Dates: 1967

Alice MacHarg Ferril manuscript

Identifier: C MSS -M257
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a manuscript with information on early artists in Colo., particularly MacHarg's aunt: Joanna MacHarg Palmer. Mrs. Palmer arrived Denver 1876, lived for a number of years in Idaho Springs where she improvised a kiln for firing painted china which she claimed to be the first in the state.

Dates: 1920-1934

Alva A. Simpson Autobiography

Identifier: M1672
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a handwritten manuscript recounting Simpson's family history, childhood in Loveland, Colo., work with the United States Forest Service in Wyo. and Colo.

Dates: September 11, 1964

Arthur Chapman Poem

Identifier: M120
Scope and Contents

Collection contains handwritten, presentation copy of: Out where the West begins (1916); one autographed postcard and accompanying letter (1920).

Dates: 1916-1920

Baldpate Inn Key Collection

Identifier: M1188
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a typed manuscript: Among the Keys of Baldpate Inn by George Hutchins. Text describes the collection of keys sent to the inn from around the world.

Dates: 19??

Biography of Wanjiku Njuguna

 Collection — Box Minus 2
Identifier: ARLM107
Content Description

Collection contains “From Kenya to Denver with Love”, A biography of Wanjiku Njuguna by Peggy W. Copeland.

Dates: February 2006

Edgar E. Payne Papers

Identifier: M2026
Scope and Contents

The materials include: correspondence (n.d.); manuscript by Payne: "Ed's War: 1939-1945" (2006).

Dates: 2006

Edward H. Graham Papers

Identifier: M1749
Scope and Contents

Collection contains reports and proceedings from the International Union for the Protection of Nature; manuscript of Wildlife Utilization of Man-made Aquatic Habitats / by E. Graham; proceedings of the Botanical Society of Western Pennsylvania (1921-1923).

Dates: 1921-1964

Ella Sibley-Jewett Memoirs

Identifier: M2083
Scope and Contents Collection contains three handwritten manuscripts: Why I Came to Colorado, ca. 1935 (17 pages) by Ella Jewett contains a fictionalized account of the Farrah's family life and conditions in Kansas (ca. 1899); Over the Great Continental Divide, ca. 1925 (10 pages) by Ella Sibley provides an account of Sibley's travel with her two sons: Roy and Ben Farrah and their wives over the U.S. Continental Divide in Sept. 1925; Over the Great Divide (3 pages) is a poem probably written in conjunction...
Dates: circa 1925, circa 1935

Fritz L. Kramer Papers

Identifier: TMD140
Scope and Contents The collection contains manuscript materials generated by Kramer entitled: "Report from the Rockies" (ca.1943); clippings and correspondence (1990, 1996-2003); photographs (1944, n.d.); address book (n.d.); rosters (1990-1991, 2002); brochures and memorabilia (1986-2008); manuscript: "When Aspen was Conceived" by Fritz Schmidt (1996); report: "Environmental Handbook for the Camp Hale and Pikes Peak Areas, Colorado" (1958); copy: "History of the 10th Mountain Division 1944-1945" (n.d.); list...
Dates: 1942-2003

Gary and Helen Christy Papers

 Collection — Box 1
Identifier: WH2472
Content Description

Contains one box of research materials and manuscripts for Prairie Publishers' "Good Wyoming Stock" book, photographs, correspondence, and book lecture scripts and notes.

Dates: 1914-2012

George and Mary Jensen Papers

Identifier: WH2105
Scope and Contents Primarily original correspondence between various members of the Jensen family (1942-1945); letter and deceased personnel file for the fiance of Ruth Jensen (1912-1993): Leon William Shapley (1905-1944); military records; newsletter and history of the 843rd Signal Service Battalion (n.d., 2000); manuscripts of short stories by George L. Jensen (1944, 1970s, n.d.); CD-ROM of family photos. Materials comprise the basis for the book: Forever and a day -- the World War II odyssey of an American...
Dates: 1942-1988; Majority of material found in 1942-1945

Gordon S. Chappell Papers

Identifier: -M1754
Scope and Contents

Collection contains photocopies of National Park Service reports: History of Dale Mining District, California (n.d.); Notes of an Interview with William H. McHaney (1933, 1952); Historical Notes on Joshua Tree National Monument (1954); typed unedited manuscript by Chappell entitled: The Baby Gage Railroad, The Pacific Coast Borax Company's Two Foot Gauge Ryan-Widow Mine Railroad (n.d.).

Dates: 1933-2000

Gordon Stimson Papers

Identifier: M1973
Scope and Contents

The collection contains the following biographical materials: articles, clippings related to Stimson's career as a mortgage banker (1969-1970); "Operation Mule" by Gordon Stimson (n.d.); "Gordon Stimson: Autobiographical Notes and Letters" (1999); 68 color slides depicting Kiska, Adak, Attu and Dutch Habor in the Aleutian Island with numerous soldiers of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment identified (n.d.).

Dates: 1969-1999

James A. Goodwin Papers

Identifier: TMD290
Scope and Contents

Collection contains photographs (1942, n.d.); discharge papers (1945); clippings (1986-2007); copy of Goodwin's memoir: And gladly guide, reflections on a life in the mountains (2003); untitled manuscript (n.d.); interview transcript (2004).

Dates: 1942-2007

James Beatty Letter

Identifier: M42
Scope and Contents

Collection contains notes about Colorado Society for the Friendless, organized Oct. 22, 1903 to aid discharged or paroled prisoners. Also includes notes about the formation of Denver City Baseball Club League.

Dates: 1903

Keith J. Kvam Papers

Identifier: TMD210
Scope and Contents

The collection includes family and condolence related correspondence (1943-1945); Kvam's military records and personal papers (1943-1946); photographs (n.d.); notes, papers, drafts and a copy of Kvam's biography: "My Brother Keith: A Remembrance" by Audrey Wendland (ca. 1998).

Dates: 1943-1998

Memoire sur la Louisiane

Identifier: C MSS WH1647
Scope and Contents

Anonymous ms. account in French concerning colonization and commercial development of French Louisiana. One theory attributes it to M. Hubert, commissioner general in Louisiana. Accompanied by an English translation, scholarly commentary, and information about donor, Edward L. Berthoud. Collection also available on microfilm (C MSS Mflm202).

Dates: 1718-1844

Nathan Updegraff Starr Memoir

Identifier: M2282
Scope and Contents The collection contains four handwritten chapters to a manuscript titled "An Overland Journey to California by the Southern Route in 1849" by Nathan Updegraff Starr (pen name "Argo Knott"). Written on the manuscript under Starr's name is a note indicating that he was "uncle of D. S. Griffin." It is believed the manuscript dates from around 1880, when Durward Starr Griffin (1863-1939), Starr's 15-year-old nephew, was staying with the family, as documented in the...
Dates: circa 1880

Olga Curtis Papers

Identifier: WH1037
Scope and Contents

Collection contains manuscripts; publicity; clippings; posters; photographs and negatives.

Dates: 1947-1977

Richard Schwarzchild Papers

Identifier: TMD289
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a copy of Schwarzchild's unpublished autobiography: Without fear of infamy (n.d.); Senator Robert Dole correspondence (1996). German military uniform patches, German and Italian currency, safe conduct passes and receipts for surrendered soldiers, ephemera, letter transcripts, AMS map (1944-1945).

Dates: 1943-1945, 1966

Roby R. "Slim" Mabery Papers

Identifier: M2202
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a CD-Rom and printed copies of pages of: A Brief History Co. A 10th Mtn. Med. Bn. Jan 5th to May 2nd, 1945 written by members of Company A, 10th Medical Battalion including Mabery in 1945.

Dates: 1945

Rough and Ready Irrigating Canal

Identifier: C MSS -M551
Scope and Contents

The narrative is a brief handwritten account of the construction of the Oligarchy (1866), Highland (n.d.) and the Rough and Ready (1869) irrigation ditches. The ditches were built to feed water from the St. Vrain creek at the mouth of the St. Vrain canyon near the town of Lyons, Colo. to farmland to the east. The ditch is approximately 20 miles long and empties water into Terry Lake, a reservoir located in the City of Longmont, Colo.

Dates: Check date

Thomas Lyle Papers

Identifier: M2115
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a 13 page, autobiographical sketch of Lyle's life: A little sketch of my life and genealogy so far as I know it; written at the request of my daughters (1928); envelope (1928).

Dates: 1928

Thomas Mann Facsimile Manuscript

Identifier: M1411
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a facsimile of pages (p. 19-24) of an unidentified work written in German by Thomas Mann.

Dates: 1905

Tom O. Kimball Papers

Identifier: M2038
Scope and Contents

The collection contains a bound manuscript copy of Kimball's short story: "The Cousin-Jacks"; copies of "The Story of Hillside Cemetary" (from which "The Cousin-Jacks" story is based); lyrics for the song: "My San Juan Golden Girl."

Dates: 1945-1962

Welbon family photo collection

Identifier: C Photo Collection 459
Scope and Contents

Collection contains copy photographs and copy negatives of the town of Placerville, Colo.; Union Station, Denver, Colo.; town and train station at Creede, Colo.; Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, Colo.; mining operations near Ophir, Colo.; train depot at Manitou Springs, Colo.; history of the people who lived in Placerville, Colo. (1914) possibly written by Florence M. Welbon.

Dates: between circa 1900-1914

William S. Hart Manuscripts

Identifier: M332
Scope and Contents

Collection contains: chiefly manuscripts and typescripts of his Western stories and dramatizations. Titles include: The end of track, Pennies, Mojave, A saga of the border.

Dates: circa 1930-1939

Women With Dust on Their Petticoats

Identifier: M307
Scope and Contents

Collection contains a typed manuscript on the lives of various women who contributed to the settlement of the West. Includes small color print of Baby Doe Tabor painted by Cox.

Dates: 1960s